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" The life is too short, we must be live and be happy as much as possible. Never give up our dream, and stand up from all challenge. Expanse your life and never give up! Everything is possible if we really want. Be happy ! "

Hello :-)

My name is Izabella Karaoglan- Mayer, I deal with various holistic methods: special, complex energetic and massage methods and education. with massages, Access Bars, Access Body, Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) treatments, self-awareness dance and movement meditation, as well as creative self-awareness workshops.

I have been attracted to the field of spirituality and alternative medicine since I was a small child. I was very sensitive to the invisible world, different energies. I had many questions and vigilance that I was looking for answers to. On the spiritual path, this triggered an above-average sensitivity, which I once experienced as a burden, but have now learned to use.

I was about 10 years old when I went to the Reiki I course with my mother, which I really liked, so a 3 years later I completed the Reiki II course. course, which brought even greater vigilance, openness and perception into my life.

As I grew up and entered the world of work, I initially worked for years in a large company environment in logic, office management, foreign trade and then tourism... I didn't fully feel the path I was on, so in addition to work, I continuously developed myself in various alternative medicine, massage and energy fields. Then fate and my heart steered me in the direction of life abroad.

A new life and happiness found me here. A few years later, I became a mother, but my life soon took an unexpected, tragic turn. A difficult period and mourning process began. This translated again, more intensively, to my spiritual outlook or towards my perception. I pay a lot of attention, the methods I have learned since I was a child, but I felt I needed more now. I learned additional self-development and assistance methods, following energy and inner guidance. This is how LEMangURIA dance and movement meditation found me, of which I became a navigator. Later, Access Consciousness® tools, such as Access Bars®, Access Body® body treatments, Symphony of Possibilities SOP treatment.

I learned different massages, but I felt something was missing. No matter how wonderful the effect of each massage is, somehow I felt that it was more, more complex, spiritually deeper. Then we "found each other" with the energy of the 5 continents massage. In a short time, I mastered this special method, which I felt a soul, finally a "technique" that does not only take care of the body, but affects all of them together and can start a wonderful path towards self-acceptance and self-discovery. 5 continent massage was fall in love immediately in my life.

It quickly captivated me and brought about changes in my life both mentally and physically. So I became more and more interested in the other special methods of the Association, so I learned them.5 CONTINENT MASSAGE, EXPANSE THERAPY, VIBECODES, LHL- all of it wonderful technic and I am so happy to found and learned them.

Seeing and feeling their effect, both on myself and on my guests, I became even more enthusiastic and continued to study, practiced these wonderful methods, and then became an instructor.

The Swiss 5 Continents Massage Association is famous for its special, complex energetic and massage treatments, which combine different ancient methods, massage and other techniques, including, depending on the treatment, e.g. sound and light therapy, Olfactory, i.e. scent therapy, EFT method, meditation techniques, acupressure, aura cleansing, energetic solution, Reiki, etc.

All wonderful methods, one to one - they can help a lot in different life situations and spiritual processes. It is wonderful to see how the lives of my guests change, they find themselves, are liberated, become more balanced and increasingly happy. Among my guests were several children, to whom I am grateful that they opened up to me and that we managed to solve some challenges in their "small world".

These methods brought great realizations and lasting positive changes in my own life, so I believe that not only as a therapist, but e.g. as an instructor of the 5 Continents Massage Association, I introduce more and more people to these special treatments and methods, so that we can help even more people with them.

Another important pillar of my life is dance and movement meditation, whether it's belly dancing or LEMangURIA. I have been working with women's activities and dances for almost 20 years. The unifying power of women, their joint dance and the transformation that takes place through the sessions, both physically and mentally, is amazing. I am grateful to all the girls and women who have chosen and trusted me so far!

Constant development is important, which is why I am constantly training myself both at home and internationally. As a helper, I consider the development of self-awareness to be extremely important, since it is not only the method, but also that we really use it consciously and well.

In every life situation, I am used to asking the question, what does this lecture teach? What else is possible? How could they be even happier, liberated? How can we expand our lives more? Every person we meet and every life situation that comes our way comes with a reason and a lesson, even if we don't think so at the time.

You should never give up! We always have another choice! Life is a miracle! Let's live your moments! Let's see the small miracles that raise your energy to a higher level and bring you into harmony.

I look forward to seeing you at my energy and massage treatments, 5 CONTINENT MASSAGE, EXPANSE THERAPY OR VIBECODES.

If you feel the energy in your heart do not hesitate to contact me! :-)

With love, Izabella

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